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Upon Hearing the #News

Chad Rea's social media feeds have been hijacked by politics. What used to be a source of light entertainment is now a source of anxiety and pent-up anger. 

Using a putty knife instead of a brush, he dragged and scraped bold and bright colors into a frenzy without having an end goal except perhaps to purge. Then the faces started to emerge. Shocked and disturbed. Wide-eyed and mouth agape. Suspended and often self-medicated. A stark contrast to the seemingly optimistic color palette he had gravitated towards. 

In 172 days, Rea had painted over 100 reactions to what he believes are visceral responses to the endless flood of absurd news headlines that we can no longer ignore or escape. 

Continuing the exhibition theme and name from his solo show at GSD&M during SXSW, Rea continues to add to the ongoing series with new pieces almost as regularly as the news does.

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